Corrosion Protection for Terminals in Bilge

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Corrosion Protection for Terminals in Bilge

Postby Stan » Tue Mar 06, 2012 8:55 am

Looking for input on best practices to prevent corrosion on terminals located in the bilge. The photo shows a terminal strip protected with a spray product. After only one year in the bilge there is extensive corrosion on the terminals. I need to clean them up and start over with better protection.
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Re: Corrosion Protection for Terminals in Bilge

Postby conehead39 » Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:34 am

What do think is causing the corrosion.
Probably water leaking from live well or live well plumbing.

Several things may work.
clean wire end terminals.
We use a dremel tool with a sanding drum
buy a new terminal strip.
after assembling terminal strip ,coat with NAPA battery terminal coating ,however it is RED.It is in a spray can.
If it is ground cables or terminal strip ,you can paint over the red NAPA coating after it dries with BLACK aerosol paint.
It leaves a thick coating . It is a great product. I use in ALL my vehicles.
However in such a wet salty enviroment ,you may need to clean and recoat every year. ... 0075099623

Some people coat the cleaned terminals with Dielectric grease. This is used any many electrical connections in marine, automotive, and aviation.
Dielectric grease is painted on with a small brush or packed into connections. ... 1&Dp=3&N=0
I had to repack my Chev truck tail light circuit board with it yesterday.GM OEM grease looks slightly white.
i swear ,I think that GM and the light bulb mfg are in cahoots and purposely undesign the sockets and lamp longevity.
Last year I replaced both tail,brake ,turn signal circuit boards and 3157 or 3257 lamps.
Thru the years circuit boards get hot ,warp,crack. Planned obselesence.

Back to the boat. Maybe a small cover could be designed/made to keep the water off the terminals.
we recently replaced the terminal strips on CONTAGIOUS that are inside the dryer center console for house battery circuitry.
we are also going to replace battery cables to/from BEP with heavier cable with coated terminals at the crimps.

Surprisingly, we have only replaced ONE BEP switch and ONE VSR relay with higher amp version.

Our 330TE sits in the water about 361 days a year.Comes out for bottom painting,engine changing. Last time in late Sept( slow time of chartering year) we combined both functions with 2-3 days out.
It was planned maintenance.Engine changing only took 5 hours.Bottom cleaning ,sanding ,recoating multiple times 2 days.
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Re: Corrosion Protection for Terminals in Bilge

Postby Daybreaker » Tue Mar 06, 2012 5:06 pm

On the Daybreaker I have used dielectric grease for years-There is no corrision.Just put it on thick after you have everything cleaned or replaced.What I do after every trip is to open all the hatches in the boat,even the anchor locker.Open everything up for as long as possible,to let it air out.I try not to keep it open at night because of moisture and kritters have been known to get in.When you have a windy day,like WE have had latley,open your boat up and let it air out.It makes a huge difference.You will also notice the mildew will not get started AS fast. Capt.Mike
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Re: Corrosion Protection for Terminals in Bilge

Postby Stan » Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:40 pm

Thanks Ken and Capt Mike,

You guys are the greatest contributors with a ton of experience which keeps this forum helpful and interesting! Today I got the job done and moved on to other maintenance items. This wind is keeping the boat on the lift for weeks on end, or so it seems. Looking forward to the next offshore trip when the weather breaks.
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Re: Corrosion Protection for Terminals in Bilge

Postby Trent » Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:08 pm

I've had great luck with CorrosionX HD spray. Stays put, impervious to water, no corrosion, no hassle.
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