Optimus tele flex electronic steering

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Optimus tele flex electronic steering

Postby conehead39 » Tue May 15, 2012 10:34 pm

World cat and it's owners should look into the new tele flex optimus Electronic
power steering system.
http://www.teleflexmarine.com/products/ ... ol-system/
It says no tie rod interconnect needed.
This should help toeing out with age,You can adjust TOE at the helm controller
Auto pilot easier to install.No additional AP Pump needed.

Dont know what it costs.APPROX $1800 for a system says web site blogs.
You are getting special electronic hydraulic ram cylinders and black boxes.probably will not be an on the shelfs at most marinas
Would like to know if it looses electrical power then is it worthless,kinda like Merc venrado steering.
Everyone seems to love their Verados for there steering. Did show manual override lever and manual control for electric throttle and shifts.
Has CAN busses x2.
New boat owners I would consider it.

EDIT 22 jun 2012
JUL2012 SALTWATER SPOROTSMAN says it would be around $7300
And a Teleflex approved electronics shop MUST install it, so much for this idea.
Let's see what world cat does ,in offering it.

http://www.teleflexmarine.com/products/ ... -steering/
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