tips on how to park a worldcat

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tips on how to park a worldcat

Postby newguy » Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:08 pm

need tips on how to dock your worldcat at the pier they say you should use the motors not the steering wheel
tell me how!!!!!!! :oops:

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Re: tips on how to park a worldcat

Postby Worldcatguy » Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:18 pm

it's more of a practice than a tell you how, but this might help:

To make the bow move to the right: Port Engine FWD, Stbd Engine REV This will make your stern move left
left: Port Engine REV, Stbd Engine FWD This will make your stern move right

You can also make minor adjustments by bumping the motors in an out of gear. the same principle above applies on which engine to operate.
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Re: tips on how to park a worldcat

Postby one4water » Mon Apr 20, 2009 7:09 pm

Worldcatguy is right, it's more a practice thing. Try it without a dock around first to get a feel for it.

One easy way to think of it is this: you have a right and left throttle. imagine they are your arms. push the right forward and the right side of the boat moves forward. left forward and the left side will move forward. Same with reverse. Push one forward and one reverse and she will spin around pretty much on her own axis. Makes for real easy u-turns in narrow coves or marinas.

When I am docking I normally get close then "crab walk" it sideways right up to the dock using mostly motors and very little steering. This way you make a slow approach and with some time will be able to just snug right up to the dock without much trouble at all(and more important, no damage!). Same goes for leaving the dock. If you tied up on the left side, untie, then a little reverse on the right motor while giving a little forward on the left and she will pivot the bow and point you away from the dock. Add forward to the right to match the left and you will drive straight off. Then you can use the steering again. This makes for much better control when dealing with currents and wind that like to puch you into the dock.

Congrats on the new boat and enjoy!!!
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Re: tips on how to park a worldcat

Postby conehead39 » Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:58 am

If you are backing into a slip,, go to a Marina that boats are backed in by Charter Capts.
You will notice that most Capts will turn around and face aft toward the stern;Holding the binnacle/remote control
Most will put the steering wheel in neutral and may use one engine in reverse or differential thrust ,one engine idle forward one in reverse to steer it. It takes slightly more reverse rpm to equal the thrust of idle forward, because the prop is not as efficient in reverse..
Go out into the bay where there is some debris/weed line and practice.

You will also notice that the right /starboard engine backs to port (clockwise) and the port/left engine backs to starboard;
boat turns counter clockwise when viewed from above.

You can also get someone to retrieve a dock post line if the wind is blowing hard...
Generally sailboaters learn this quicker because they know from which direction the wind is blowing.
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Re: tips on how to park a worldcat

Postby The BEAST » Sat Apr 25, 2009 1:21 pm

We have people that come and sit on the grassy bank by the ramps on Saturday and Sunday, just to drink beer, socialize, and watch the "Gilligans" tear up their boats and others.

Conehead had some good pointers!

By turning and facing the stern you are in essence, running the boat as you would facing the bow. Reverse becomes your forward when facing astern. It really isn't that difficult.

If you have never tried spinning the boat on a HOT fish, you should practice that as well in forward and reverse. The responsiveness of the catamaran design with its widely spaced motors, is akin to that of the big sportfish boats. Actually, everyone who owns a World Cat should be efficient at running their boat with only the motors, not the wheel.

The old adage of "Practice makes perfect!" applies. Make sure you practice and become efficient, AWAY FROM EVERYTHING, before you try to stick it between the pins. Take it slow... if you've ever watched anyone backing into their slip you can see it is a slow, methodical, controlled, motion. Above all, remain calm, if you're nervous and get flustered, put it in neutral and evaluate. I've seen many "Captains", get out of shape by making the wrong move, get scared, and then overcompensate with too much thrust and slam it into the piling or dock.

Oh yeah... in tight quarters... don't forget you still have a bow and it does swing!!!!!

My slip is tight! I have about 40' to the rocks when coming in and about 40 feet or so to the boat opposite of my pins. My boat is about 36' LOA with motors. I've never had an issue, or close call, yet (knocking on wood)!

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Then stick in in there!
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