Big Yellow 7/13

Post photos / stories of the big fish you've caught!
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Big Yellow 7/13

Postby smeash » Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:07 am

Took Tunnel Vision overnight to the Spur in search of swords on Sun.. one big hook up at 2am but it was not to be. Early morning we got the chum and chunk operation underway and were marking big fish around 300.. nobody was hungry it seemed so Mark tied on a 40 lb fluorocarbon leader on the 50w and let her sink.. about 7am the 50 started screaming and all hell broke loose.. the fish smoked drag for what seemed like 3 solid minutes and settled in deep for a long battle. Over the next 4 hrs we gained and lost line under constant boat maneuvering responding to direction changes from the fish.. all the while thinking about that tiny damn leader connecting us the this pig. 3 hrs into the fight she was just visible down at 90 ft or so until she took off yet again burning drag until we marked her at about 600 ft.. at this point she just stopped.. it was apparent the last run killed her and over the next hour and change we worked through the painstaking process of planing her up and backing down, gaining line slowly until we finally put the fish on deck about 1130.. bled and gutted she weighed at 137.. I personally would have liked a second scale to compare because she sure seemed bigger in person. All together a great trip and beautiful tuna to add the bragging wall for Tunnel Vision.. The boat is an absolute machine and handled flawlessly.

Tight lines,
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Re: Big Yellow 7/13

Postby wdlfbio » Fri Jul 18, 2014 1:00 am

Sounds like fun. I'd eat that :)
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