Marathon - Snowy BLT - last day

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Marathon - Snowy BLT - last day

Postby AOKRVs » Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:27 am

Last day for deep dropping for snowy and blueline tile until next May. Seas were rough again at 4-6+, it has been blowing all week. Had squid and fresh bonita for bait and headed for an area in between a couple of my spots. First drift started slow but then it got hot. Using squid we put 3 BLTs into the box. Including a couple nice ones.


After dodging a shower we reset at beginning of the drift and switched to Bonita on bigger hooks. About half way we get two more pretty quickly.

Now we got 5 in the box so the last one has to count. Use a rig with a 12/0 on top and a 16/0 on the bottom. Put a bonita head on the bottom and a large chunk on top. This would hopefully weed out the BLTs and find us a snowy grouper. After a long hard drift we finally got one on but it was another BLT. That is the limit so the snowies are safe till May.

Great day of fishing in Marathon
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