Looking to Purchase 320EC or 330TE, Need Some Advice.

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Looking to Purchase 320EC or 330TE, Need Some Advice.

Postby robd19 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 6:24 pm


I have been researching and reading up on various options for boats in the 30' class and after taking a ride on a 320CC at the miami boat show last weekend, I was really impressed by the cat ride. My current boat is a proline 251 which is a walkaround. It has been a good boat I I am ready for a boat that I can fish offshore with as well as entertain without getting beat up. It seems like the models that would most fit my goals and budget are the 320EC and 330TE. Based on my research, here are my takes so far without having inspected or sea trialed either.

-Great for entertaining
-Lots of lockable storage in the cabin for rods and gear
-Lots of creature comforts
-Cabin for my wife, son or passenger to catch a nap
-ability to overnight
-More protection from wind/cold temps of NJ

-A bit slower than a TE due to weight
-Less fuel efficient
-Relatively small fuel capacity at 280 gallons for 30' class
-Lots more systems = more to go wrong

-Great fishability
-Better performance 30-35(mph) cruise at 1.1-1.3
-Can put a tower (that option would be nice)
-Seem to be able to bottom fish 6 easily
-Less sytems = less problems
-Easier to find and generally more affordable.

-center console would require canvas for protection in NJ temps
-Not sure if I could store my Rods in forward cuddy: Do not want to take rods on and off.
-Wetter than 320EC


1) Is it possible to store rods in the forward cuddy of the 330TE?
I never really considered a center console but seeing that cuddy at the bow of the 330TE makes me think I can store my rods in there securely. Not being able to secure my tackle is a deal breaker for me.

2) Are any of the above pros/cons wrong or misguided?

3) I realize the 320EC is not a walkaround, but how accessible is the bow? Can a person bottom fish off the bow safely?

4) Are there any owners are that use their boats in the Northeast? What is your canvas setup? Is it effective?

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone in the NJ/NY/MD area has a 330TE or 320EC, I would love to get a closer look at one. I would be happy to pay any fuel expenses or repay with a Hudson River/Raritan bay striper trip in the spring! I look forward to your responses.

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Re: Looking to Purchase 320EC or 330TE, Need Some Advice.

Postby whiteknight » Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:09 pm

either choice is one heck of a boat.

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Re: Looking to Purchase 320EC or 330TE, Need Some Advice.

Postby Privateer » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:59 pm

I have a 320EC w/suzuki 300's and run a charter out of St Marys GA. First off the boat is a rock solid beast but handles with ease. I take 7 divers with 21 scuba tanks with about 50lbs of gear each out on a regular basis, I also run various fishing charters also some as far as 70nmi offshore it does each of these activities with grace and style. My fuel economy loaded sucks,.... a lot (pun absolutely intended), but on a fishing charter with 6 aboard it is around .9. I bought the boat used from an owner who took care of her and while the fear of the added systems is very justified I would not trade the cockpit/salon area for two center consoles; its dry very dry, its warm, unzip the canvas/isenglass and its cool with good air flow, the seating is comfortable the refrigerator keeps your food cold and dry, the head system is outstanding has been reliable(the ladies love it over a bucket and a poncho) no bad smells to date, on overnight trips the berthing is very comfortable. As far as handling well the inlet was calm on today's charter but the trip before that I had no B.S. 8ft seas(I'm retired navy) I went through at 15kts very safely. Bottom line I choose the 320EC for the versatility. Oh as far as bottom fishing forward I don't recommend it I fish 5 in the aft area with 1 between the engines and 1 in each corner When offshore trolling I fish a 7-9 rod spread. hope that answers some of your questions.


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Re: Looking to Purchase 320EC or 330TE, Need Some Advice.

Postby smeash » Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:37 am

33TE owner here, and can not say enough about the boat.. a few answers to your questions.

- yes you can safely fish off the front.. I even ride up there in big seas.
- yes you can lock your tackle in the front cabin area, that said it could be pried open if someone wanted it bad enough.. no different than the door on the EC though.
- Canvas designs are plentiful for the 33.. both our 29 and our 33 came from up north.. the 29 from the hamptons ny, and the 33 from somers pt NJ. Our canvas provides great protection from the weather.
- If you are going to wet slip the boat, I highly recommend a covered slip. The cabin area can leak and become a mold problem. ours is covered and we have no issues.

Good luck in your search!
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Re: Looking to Purchase 320EC or 330TE, Need Some Advice.

Postby wdlfbio » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:06 pm

I went from a Grady White 282 (forward cabin like a EC) to the 290CC. I spent $1,700 on a 4-piece custom canvas. I fish May through October up here (PacNW). When the canvas is up, I don't get too cold and I don't get windy. When the canvas is removed, it gets quite windy around the sides, but not on us sitting in the helm seats. I have 3 bean bags for the other crew. They sit inside the canvas, on each side of the bait tank, and they sleep. It's that quiet and comfortable. They could also stand there just as well (but we have 30-50 mile runs). When we hit the grounds, the canvas comes off quickly and tucks out of the way. I LOVE the cc for fishing room. Would also love it for just cruising and hanging out (if it wasn't always raining).

33TE or 320CC
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