New instrument panels 266SF

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Re: New instrument panels 266SF

Postby CEMSGUY » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:57 am

Nice Job.

The acrylic looks really sharp. I think that may be the route I go when redoing my console.

How did you attach the acrylic to the console? If you screwed it from the backside, can you see any of the screws in the acrylic?
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Re: New instrument panels 266SF

Postby mpostgate » Wed Feb 21, 2018 4:51 pm

I did attach the acrylic from behind. The acrylic is opaque, you can't see any fasteners through it. To mount the panel I used "heat-set threaded inserts" (lots of youtube videos show the process if you search on that term). I found the inserts at McMaster-Carr online. You can see the screws that attach the acrylic to the console from the back in this picture.

I also used the inserts (in a smaller size) to mount the NSS16 into the acrylic. It would have been easier to just through bolt it, and that's what I did with the NSS7 - it is through-bolted into the panel. The acrylic panels are also sealed to the fiberglass console with silicone, so they are very solidly attached. Boat Outfitters online is a good source for the acrylic. I used 1/2" thick acrylic because of the size of the main panel. I wanted it to be sturdy.
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