World Cat 320CC Upgrades??

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World Cat 320CC Upgrades??

Postby Superduty28 » Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:17 am

Good evening,

I would like to start out by saying I have always been a huge fan of World Cats, and am currently looking to buy a Cat boat in the 32-34' range.

I would like to bring to World Cat's attention a few things that Gulf Coast fishermen such as myself would like to see changed/upgraded on your boats, especially when compared to the 33' Freeman made by Freeman Boatworks. World Cat has Freeman beat in "creature comforts", and that is what I really like about the 320CC. We do enjoy cruising every now and then, and with the extra seating arrangements it would make it very comfortable to be out with the family.
That said, there are only 2 things stopping me (I know I am not the only one) from ordering a 320CC right now...

#1: The World Cat 320CC only has a fuel capacity of 280gal, compared to the 33 Freeman's 400gal tank. This may not be an issue on the East Coast or down in Florida, but here in the Gulf we have to run 150-180 miles ONE WAY in order to fish for tuna or billfish at the Production Platforms way offshore. The easy fix most will say is to bring fuel bladders, but I know y'all are very aware that when loaded down with fishermen, they just get in the way!! There are many anglers like myself that would really like to see a 320+ gal fuel capacity in the 320CC.

#2: The World Cat 320CC is only rated for 600hp, whereas the 33 Freeman is rated for 700hp. The 33' Freeman tops out 10+mph faster than the World Cat, BUT if the World Cat was able to be rigged out with twin 350s, I believe the margin at that point would be negligible, making the World Cat much more competitive. I truly believe the World Cat is heavy enough to accommodate the Yamaha 350s. Is there any way World Cat can rate the 320CC for 700hp to allow this?

With the "proposed" built in extra fuel capacity and more horsepower, I believe it would make the World Cat much more competitive in performance/specs when compared to the 33 Freeman. If these two items were able to be changed/upgraded, I would order a 320CC in the very near future!

Thank you very much and I hope to hear back from you!

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Re: World Cat 320CC Upgrades??

Postby BigPineBoy » Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:30 pm

Well said. My comment would be; the best World cat for your trips is the 33TE. My 33 is the best boat I've ever owned. When I bought my 29cc, I didn't buy the 33 because of lack of seats. Now I wouldn't buy a fishing boat with seats. Even my wife, who doesn't fish, loves the bean bag chairs. They are much more comfortable and versatile than fixed seats.

Now to the 32cc: it lacks large storage, a comfortable head, adequate live wells and it has limited bait prep. It does have a solid wrap around windshield, which is nice. It has great fuel numbers as well. But as you commented, the fuel is limited.

My 33 has a fuel capacity of 300 gallons, which should be fine, but I get 1nm/gal, which takes long range and extended stay trips difficult. I believe WC reduced the 33TE capacity to 280 gallons recently. I love the33 because: size, ability to move freely around the console, 360 fish ability, massive storage!! Everywhere!!, ride, troll, drift, huge front cooler. Great bait prep station, dual bait wells, and the best head with a view! Plenty of room to stow bean bags, and total fish-ability. If the 33 is no longer produced, I dont think they make a boat I'd buy. Fyi: I've owned/own; 266sf, 290cc, and 33te. The first two I bought new. I just bought my 266sf back from the guy is old it to in 2010 (when I bought my 29cc). Keeping th 27 in Florida full time, and my 33 (Burnin Bills) in OC Maryland permanantly. Kinda sorry world cat abandoned the 266sf and the 33te. I'm not on board with the current line of CC boats.

All for whatever it's worth!

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Re: World Cat 320CC Upgrades??

Postby smeash » Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:19 am

Good insight Bill,

I too went the same route as you with the 290cc first then the 33TE. The 290cc shows well, and seems well thought out until you fish it for a while. Things like the locking rod holders integrated into the bow and no T-Top mounting points on the floor to get in the way SEEMED like great thinking, but the execution, well, not so much. Those locking rodholders? No rods we had fit in them length wise, and the T-Top all mounted to the console needed to be beefed up to keep the top from flexing all over the place. I wont comment on the ride of the 290, as some seem to love it, except to say it was not what we expected. The 33TE is better in every aspect and is EXACTLY what we expected in a 33 ft cat. Does it compete with a Freeman.. nope, it wasn't designed to. Does it ride great and allow us to fish whenever we want.. yup. It has massive storage and tons of room.. It is plenty fast for a boat its size, and fuel burn is 1mpg pretty much at all but WOT. We have a 300 mile range give or take, and have a pillow tank should we want more. Then there is the value of the boat.
We purchased a 2006 with Yamaha 250s that ran great with 1100 hrs. We paid 77k for the boat. We completely refitted the boat with new Yamaha 300s, all new garmin 8000 series electronics, radar and autopilot.All new helm chairs, New bottom paint, hull wet sand and wax.Had all upholstery redone, converted all Yamaha periphials to command link plus, installed a custom controlled upper station and had all new eisenglass wraparound curtains fabricated for the boat.. besides the hull she is brand new. We then sold the original motors and electronics, so all in we have 130k in the boat. That's less than half of what a new (or used) 33 Freeman would cost. I would recommend anyone to consider a 33TE vs a newer design in the WC family. The boat really is the flagship of the WC fleet.


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