Products I would like to see

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Products I would like to see

Postby conehead39 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:39 am

Especially T330TE

1.Hydraulic Alignment valve moved from over the transom hatch to battery area or inside the cockpit area ,so you can you do not have to hang over the transon. ie like the Prison Cats that were made in AL.
2. TWO or THREE -2 inch water pickup clam shells going to 2 water chests then plumbed to the three live wells.
Prefer submersed high quality RULE 2000 pumps ,they last two -three times longer than the magnetic ones.

3. Closing in the walk thru aft transom and making a large live well . It could be trapazoidal shape and would be above the present alignment valve location,thus reason for moving it .
Still want THREE live wells for 3 seperate live baits.

4. battery cover shed (s)
keep salt water off the battery posts and cables.
5. Make the boat lighter with Vinly ester resin and 320 CC technology.
You could even make it 35 feet.
6. lighter weight center console

7. Aft Center Console with aft seats facing rearward with cooler below it.Regular BEP panel ,storage drawers ,no cutting station or sink to mess up seating.

8. Clear see thru aft live wells ,maybe a small cutting area in one of the lids, but sun light can still get thru around it.
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